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Beauval Zoo Park

zoo-de-beauvalReferenced among the fifteen most beautiful zoos of the word, the park of Beauval proposes to discover more than 4 000 animals over 22 hectares.  Preserving threatened wildlife, it offers a wide variety of species presented with exceptional facilities.

To discover absolutely: extraordinary animals which are unique in France (white tigers and lions, koalas, manatees...).
Felines and canines (cat and dog families such as pumas, jaguars, snow leopards, lions, hyenas...) live in large enclosures under particularly favourable conditions.

The tropical greenhouse for birds contains nearly 600 exotic species that roam free in contact with visitors.
The greenhouse for monkeys offers to discover in a carefully reconstructed tropical atmosphere chimpanzees, orang-utans, gorillas, marmosets...
Into the new vivarium, 250 reptiles (including the famous caimans) live among rocks or sandy beaches, waterfalls and ponds, rocks and plants.
The tropical complex offers a particular atmosphere where moves a multitude of animals in the wild: tamarins-lions, small Malay deer, birds and even toucans.

An Australian greenhouse was built to house koalas and tree kangaroos, the rare dendrolagues.
The water world is also worth to see with sea lions (which offer a daily show, after the Raptors in season), manatees, and fishes of the South Seas...
The African savannah stretches over 3 hectares; more than 8 animals, that is to say 13 species, coexist (white rhinos, giraffe, blue wildebeest, zebra from Grevy, ostrich, ibis...). At the other end of the zoo, 5 elephants have taken up their quarters in a vast plain of 5 hectares.

Open every day of the year, from 9:00 a.m. at nightfall

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